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Hello Gym Buddy!

Want to start you're journey of fitness, health, and the battle of "You VS. You" Here's a little bit about my Online Personal Trainer and Coaching business VS Fitness & Health


VS Fitness and Health: The Story

My name is Gill and I'm a professional Actor/Singer/Dancer, Educator, and Personal Trainer with a Certification in Personal Training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. As I've continued in my journey as an athlete in the performing arts, I've realized the importance of, and developed a specialty in, cross training of functional movement and sports performance. Not only that, but it puts me in my best shape for all my travel and adventures across the world. I have a passion for helping others achieve this same performance level for their adventures. If you have an interest in taking your fitness to the next level, please contact me via the pathways below!



Follow my Instagram for more weekly posts about workouts, routines, and other fitness tips. Email me for inquiries about online training and coaching!

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